All Dolled Up For Christmas!

All Dolled Up For Christmas! Omg, Christmas is here in three days! The cheer and glamour of the holidays is in the air and we all know what that means, gingerbread lattes, Sparkling Mani/Pedis and dashing to find the perfect outfit. Besides being with your loved ones, and the gift giving and receiving is getting dressed for your Christmas dinner or party. What to wear is the question that pops into every girls mind because one of two things could happen. One your family could be trying to set you up with a family friend or two you could just meet someone. Besides those two reasons there’s always the desire to look fabulous just because it’s you. When you want to stand out in a room opt for PAPER CROWN’s Wild Berry Crinkle Dress. The bold red hue is the perfect way to showcase its elegantly tiered ruffle silhouette. Shop the newest Holiday Dresses at Bleu!

1. PAPER CROWN Wild Berry Crinkle Dress